27 April, 2012


This week we have been learning about ANZAC day. On Tuesday we skyped Miss McIntyres Grandad about ANZAC day. He should us his dad's medals and pictures of him in the army. His uncle died in the war at Gallpoli. He told us what type of planes and guns they used. They lived in a ditch called a trench in the war where they hid from enemys. They put sand bags around them. They got to Europe on a boat and it took 6 weeks to get there. Lots of people died in the war.

In the afternoon we had a war between Room 7 and Room 6. We put stripes on our face so we knew what side we were on. We talked over the walkie talkies. We had bean bags instead of guns. There were chairs with blankets on them so that we could hide from the other class. We are pretty sure we won our war.

Liam and Isla

On Thursday we made ANZCA biscuits. These were the biscuits that people made for the soldiers that were in the war. They made these biscuts because they don't go off very fast so they were still okay eat after being on the boat for a long time. They aren't too hard to make but you would probably need an adult to help you. They were ANZACtastic!

Caendal and Skyler

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Mrs Kala said...

Wow room 7 - you guys look to have had an awesome Anzac week. It's great to see everyone looking so happy.

Mrs Kala

Miss McIntyre,
I thought your grandad was cool. The Anzac biscuits were yummy.